Understanding Quality Porsche Wheels

The Porsche is a German automobile manufacturer which holds two companies, the Porsche AG and its sister organization Volkswagen. The Porsche is well known for several of its distinguishing features, wheels being one of them. The Porsche wheels, similar to the car are certainly unique in its style, appearance, set up, build, and look. All Porsche wheels are custom made to suit the type or model of cars they are created for. The common explanation provided by the manufacturers in regard to this aspect is that the wheel size, wheel base, styling, finishing, everything is dependent on factors like weight to carry, torque experienced, balance etc which vary according to the build of the cars. Hence, Porsche wheels are unique to the cars they are created for and mostly commonly do not fit into others.

The Porsche models like the 911, Cayman, Cayenne, Boxster, or Panamera has its own unique design of standard wheels. This is why we often see that the 911 model requires as wider rear than the boxster whereas the cayenne uses a twenty two inch diameter wheel which cannot be applied to the Cayman or the Cayenne wheels. The most commonly used wheels for Porsche are the “18×10 GT gunmetal wheel” for 911, “18 inch black PR11” for boxter or the “Cayenne silver PR12”. This used to be a severe problem as the spare wheels or related parts would not be available. However, this problem has been solved by the growth of several automobile and related enterprises that provide required Porsche Wheels replacements for different models. Also the abundant availability has reduced the toil of owners in this respect. The available range of wheels includes zehn, florio, lemans, mulsanne and tourismo. While the florio and mulsanne are three piece with forged inner and outer barrels with a casted center. The leman and tourismo are single piece models.

A standard replacement for these Porsche cars model wheel costs $700 to $2000. However, the provided figure is only an observed amount, which may vary with the type of model or its specifications. It is quite apt in saying that this rarity is indeed another feature that adds to the Porsche’s uniqueness.