Volleyball Skills – the Serve

In the hugely competitive era for sports, little things can make the difference between an average player and a good one. At the highest level, opponents and coaches study every player minutely and any chink in the armor is noticed and exploited. The phenomenon is prevalent in all sports imaginable. For example in football, coaches and his support staff watch hours and hours of videos to identify small things like a player marginally preferring one foot over the other. Therefore, the need to evolve and acquire new skills is more now than it ever has been. It is advisable to get a pair of the best volleyball shoes before attempting to learn this with your old pair.


In volleyball, where the basic shots are just a few, it’s not about the number of tricks you possess. It is about how much mastery you have on each of the 5-6 different kinds of shot you have. The most basic and perhaps one of the most important shots in volleyball is the serve. A couple of aces vs a couple of fault serves can easily be the difference between victory and defeat in most matches, leave alone very close fought ones.

The earliest volleyball players used to serve underhand. Underhand serve is the most basic one where you swing your arm from low to high to send the ball across. This type of serve is very basic and is very unlikely to cause any problems to a seasoned opposition. The probability of hitting an ace or an unreturnable serve is almost zero with this kind of serve. Hence, much like in other sports like cricket and tennis, this type of serve has been replaced by its overhand counterpart. The underhand serve has vanished from competitive matches and is used only by beginners and amateurs. An interesting variation of the underhand serve did become popular for a small period of time. In this serve, invented by the Brazilian team, the ball is hit very high in the air with an underarm serve. The variation was able to fox the opponents for a while but they figured it out quickly and its brief existence in indoor volleyball came to an end.

Overhand serve has some variations which have also evolved over time. In the topspin serve, the ball is hit with a lot of topspin. The topspin prevents the ball from flying away waywardly in the air and helps it dip and travel faster. This type of serve had its heyday when it was invented but it is rarely used nowadays. Because this type of serve travels in a straight line, it can be used to target the weakest link in the opposite team.

Another variation of the overhand serve, the floater, does not have any topspin and hence swerves along an unpredictable path making it more difficult to pick and dig.

The most popular service in the current era is the jump float. As the name suggests, this service involves the server jumping high to hit the ball. Because the ball it hit at a higher point, the drop into the opposition court is steeper. Also, because the player is in motion, he can impart more energy on the ball making it move faster than usual.

Replacement Apps Which Are Like MovieBox

When you’re about to go home from a stressful day of work, you would obviously want a great way to relieve yourself from the stress! And what better way to relax than to watch a great movie? With awesome movies and television shows to watch today, you will obviously need a great app to make sure that you are streaming the highest of quality videos. Plus, you would want to make sure that all your favorite shows are there! But how will you find the perfect app for that? Moviebox is one of the best, but there are other apps like Movie Box as well that can do similar services. We show you the other apps like Moviebox you can check out!


Apps Like Moviebox

Here are some of the apps like Moviebox you can check out:

– Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular apps and website where you can find your favorite movie or shows. It’s got a simple interface you can use, as well as the vast collection of original and quality shows to entertain you. But, it comes with a price! A monthly or yearly subscription that may be a bit costly for some.


This is similar to apps like Showbox or Moviebox which can get you watching a ton of your favorite shows for free. You also have the choice to bookmark these shows to watch them later. You’ll be able to download it on your Apple or Android device, but is not available for a PC.

– Sky HD

This is known to be one of the best alternatives to Moviebox because of its similar features. You’ve got tons of quality movies and videos to watch, and it’s all for free.

– Hulu

This is a popular website and app that can be found in any smartphone. Unfortunately, it is only available in certain countries and may have limited number of shows available.

– Popcorn Time

What’s great about Popcorn Time is that it’s also available for those who use the Linux software. You are able to choose from the many videos they have, and download them with great quality.

– Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD is unique, as it focuses mostly on cartoons. These are best for children and the adults who love watching cartoon shows! But not to worry, as it also has a ton of movies and other television shows to choose from.

In Conclusion

There are tons of apps like Moviebox you are able to download, but none of them may be able to top what Moviebox has to offer. A free app that is easy to download and use, you will be able to find all the movies to entertain you. Not only will you relieve yourself of stress, but you’ll also have fun, may you be alone or with loved ones! So get to it and download great movie streaming Moviebox, or at least apps like Moviebox, today!

Do you have any more suggestions or apps you’d like to add? Then comment down below!

Car Dashboard Cameras – The Future Is Here

Car dashboard cameras are filling a few different gaps, in quite a few different markets. These useful, multi-purpose gadgets are slowly becoming a must-have for every conscious driver out there. Dashboard cams enhance the driving experience and, at the same time, serve as a safety net in case of an unfortunate accident or an attempt of robbery. These gadgets are, at the same time, serving a few demographics – they are useful for car owners, authorities and insurance companies.
Dash Cam

Car Dashboard Cams –

Car dashboard cams are a good indicator of what the future will look like. New technological inventions, like this one, are showing us that the entire world is moving in a certain direction and all of these tectonic shifts are dictated and inspired by technology. Dashboard cams are the perfect example of technology assisting and aiding men and making our lives easier and everything more convenient. This is why these gadgets are revolutionizing the way we travel, make sure our vehicles stay safe and go about seeking justice.

Car dashboard cams are practical, convenient and easy to use. Everyone, even those with little to no technical knowledge can handle these devices without any issues whatsoever. You can check the best dash cam uk website when looking for the right dashboard camera. There is an entire subculture of sorts arising around the use of dash cameras for fun an adventure. Thousands of people drive around, visiting exotic places and upload videos of their journeys and adventures online. This type of effortless documentation was unimaginable before, not to mention how convenient it has become to record literally everything you want during a long drive.
On the other hand, these cams have also changed the way we protect ourselves, be it from thieves and criminals or accidents and collisions. A car dashboard camera can protect your car while it’s parked and even if someone tries to break into it, their face will be most probably be caught on camera, which will make the job of catching the criminal a lot easier for authorities. Additionally, these cameras have revolutionized the way we conduct business with insurance companies. There is almost no way they can reject you, if you’ve actually been harmed in any way, because a car dashboard camera is the perfect, unbiased eye witness and the most solid proof you can possibly imagine. This is why these useful gadgets are an incredibly wise investment – they can save you tons of money in the long run and, in this day and age, we could all use a little extra cash.

Car Dashboard Cameras – Why Every Responsible Driver Should Own One

If the reasons we mentioned and the things we talked about in the first part of our article aren’t enough of a reason that you consider purchasing a car dashboard camera, what we are about to reflect on might change your mind, firstly when looking for one have a look at the best uk dash camera site. Imagine your precious vehicle got scratched on the parking lot. These things simply happen, whether it’s juvenile delinquents just damaging private property or bad drivers unintentionally scratching your vehicle. A dashboard camera would prove to be incredibly useful in this instance, although we are not talking about “serious” damage here, but let’s take a look at another example.

What if you got rear ended or simply ended up in an accident that is not your fault at all? Sometimes, the damage doesn’t tell the entire story. Police officers and insurance companies can be under the impression that you are to blame for an accident, what then? There is almost no way to prove you’re the victim, unless you have eye witnesses willing to testify in court. Even if you do have eyewitnesses, that doesn’t guarantee anything, except that you will have to wait until the entire process ends and everything gets solved. Obviously, this is incredibly risky and one can’t help but wonder what would happen if an insurance company refused to pay or if a judge found you to be guilty for something that you never did.

The point is – when things like collisions and accidents happen, there is no guarantee that you will get reimbursed. This is an incredibly large risk, a risk none of us can afford. This is why every responsible driver should own a dashboard cam. Who knows, you might need one soon. In the meantime, nothing is stopping you from recording family trips and taking tours across the country and then watching those videos with family or even sharing them online. Simply put, car dashboard cams are a wonderful addition to the automobile industry in general and, most importantly, a great way to have fun and protect yourself and your family in one fell swoop.

The World as We Know it: Technology and Humanism

Modern World

The world we live in is a strange, ever-evolving place rife with intense contradictions, full of abnormalities and wonder, surrounded by the dense fog of countless and constant society-defining tectonic shifts, the epicentre of which is the modern world, the Western world that most of us live in. These changes have brought and produced an insanely high number of revolutionary inventions and world-altering and grotesque paradigm shifts. The most significant changes of the 20th and the 21st century are all related to the development and utilization of modern technology.

Altering The Modern World: Technology and Men

Technology has always, in one way or another, been an integral part of our society. What we consider and call technology nowadays can be traced back to the late 19th century, but men have been utilizing technological inventions since ancient times, albeit primitive technological inventions. The worryingly (or not?) fast development of technology has been occurring over the course of the 20th century and this trend has continued and sped up as time has gone by, so it is safe to say that the older we are, the faster technology is developing.

All of this poses a few legitimate questions, perhaps even concerns. A cynic probably thinks all of this modern technology that we have today is stumping our growth and dehumanizing our society, but that logical fallacy of sorts is a mere expression of our generation’s nonchalantly ignorant rebellion against modern achievements or, if nothing, inevitable changes. Every generation has a need to rebel and disobey and this hypocritical rebellion against modern technology seems to be the defining moment of our times – we try to fight technology even though we cannot live or function without it.

What Has Changed? How Is Technology Defining The Modern World?

Arguably the most important technological invention of the 20th century, that we are truly getting to reap the benefits of in the 21st century, is the World Wide Web. The internet has managed to connect the planet in a way that it has never been conjoined before. A simple, effortless click of a mouse can change, destroy and improve a person’s life. Are we able to deal with the infinite power of the internet is a question for another time, but the fact that we are still trying to come to terms with the power this broadband connectivity has given us is, to some, a reason for concern, while to others just a logical consequence.
The World Wide Web has directly affected the way we conduct business, go about finishing our daily task, gather and digest information and, in many ways, the way we live. The internet is an abundant sea of information, available to virtually anyone living in the modern world. Kids nowadays have their eyes glued to their smartphones, while their parents shop for groceries and read news online. Students attend classes over the internet and entrepreneurs run firms and make million dollar deals online. The way we think, communicate and act has been changed, condensed and neatly packaged thanks to modern technology and the ability to connect and communicate it has provided us with.
Do we need to grow into technology and accept it for what it is or has it already become a part of us? Are we inherently inclined to reject anything to do with change or are we reluctantly learning to accept change? Are the mistakes that we make a part of our technological evolution and is our yearning to abuse technology an innate, almost instinctive habit or nothing more than an elaborate defence mechanism?

The Modern World and The Modern Man VS Technology

The modern world is far from perfect and our civilization has always been a battlefield of ideas, concepts and philosophies. Our acceptance, or lack thereof, of technology has been the subject of debate, the spark of controversy and a dominant dilemma of our times. Will all of these new technological developments ruin and enslave us, or free and emancipate us? As with anything else throughout human history, it’s up to us to decide what to do with these technological tools that we have. Are we going to bestow an illusion of freedom upon ourselves or are we going to truly use technology to enhance our collective experience and to positively impact the lives of those that will come after us? That remains to be seen.